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The Subtle Bodies

Quick Links: Exercise 1 - Opening the Third Eye/Orange Dot Exercise  | Exercise 2 - Perceiving the Aura (Partner Practice) | Auric Healing Note/General Release Statement

From traditions dating back thousands of years, and now in our current times, adepts from all different religions and backgrounds have spoken of seeing "light" around people’s heads or bodies. John White, in his book Future Science, lists 97 different cultures that refer to this phenomenon with 97 different names.  Many esoteric teachings-the ancient Hindu Vedic texts, the Theosophists, the Rosicrucians, the Native American Shamans, Tibetan, Indian and Japanese Zen Buddhists, just to mention a few- describe the human energy field in detail.  Recently, modern science has been able to add its own observations thanks to exciting new technological advances

Often referred to as the "Aura" or "subtle bodies," the human energy field is an important extension of our physical body. It is made up of at least 7 different and unique layers, each corresponding with a different chakra in the body. Contained within each of these layers are all the forms of the physical body (heart, lungs, etc.) as well as additional forms not seen in the physical body. It is perceived that life force energy drawn in from the chakras flows into a vertical channel of energy, referred to here as the central channel. Through this central channel, life force is carried and distributed up and down the auric field.

To be truly effective in consciously living, healing and connecting to the world around us, I believe it is imperative to have a basic understanding of the anatomy of the human energy field and how it functions. By studying the field we learn to perceive and identify blocks, leaks, traumas, or unwanted energies that may be present within it. This is significant because in order to achieve true balance and return to our natural, healthy state of being, we must be conscious and aware of our whole selves. We must learn to recognize what we are letting in, what we are putting out, what we are carrying with us, and how these things manifest in our everyday lives and the world around us.

It is believed that any illness or disease that we experience in the physical body presents itself first in our subtle bodies before manifesting down into physical form. By working with the human energy field we can learn to identify and release any issues that would lead us away from our whole and healthy natural state of being.

With practice, learning to perceive the human energy field is a goal that anyone can achieve! Below are some simple exercises to help you get started.

Exercise One: Orange Dot Exercise*
In a room with dim light, or using a blue light, sit facing a wall with a pale or white background. Place an orange dot (a 3 to 6 inch circle cut from construction paper works well) against the wall. Close your eyes, relax and raise the energy from your root chakra to your third eye (6th chakra) by envisioning and intending the energy to begin enveloping  your first chakra then expanding and moving its way upward. Be sure to note the sensation of the energy as it moves through each chakra.

Once the energy can be felt in the third eye, open your eyes and begin to gaze at the orange dot. Try to keep your eyes open and concentrate on sending energy to the dot as though you were reaching out with your energy to touch it. Imagine moving the dot onto your forehead and feel it there. There may be a heavy sensation in the forehead with aching or tingling. Try not to blink, but you may keep your eyes half open. You may perceive the dot as changing in shape, color or size.

The object is to see only white light, which signals that the third eye has been opened.  ~Don't spend more than 10 minutes at a time doing this exercise until you become accustomed to it or you may actually impede your progress. Once the third eye has been fully opened, perceiving the subtle bodies becomes much easier. You may find that with practice, opening your third eye can be done quickly, by simply intending it!~

Once you've become adept at opening your third eye, try this exercise to learn to perceive the subtle bodies.

*Credit: Mietek Wirkus

Exercise Two: Perceiving the Aura - Partner Practice*
Take a moment and think about who you are. Are you a visual person, or do you tend to "feel" what you cannot see?  Do you have heightened auditory senses? Can you pick up on subtle changes in sounds or frequencies? Recognizing how you most comfortably receive and process information is the first step in learning to perceive the human energy field. Take note of any gifts or talents that you possess that may help you in this learning process.

Ground and center yourself and relax into a higher state of awareness by quieting your mind and consciously releasing tension from your body. Let go of any anxiety or fears that you may have and intention clarity in your process. Sit approximately 10 feet from the person you are practicing with, making sure there are no busy backgrounds ( mirrors, pictures, brightly colored walls, etc.) to disturb you. Softly focus your eyes on your partner's form. Do not focus on any particular area of their body; instead let yourself perceive the whole area or space that they occupy.

Consciously intention your 6th chakra (third eye) to be open and clear as you gaze softly at your partner. Take note of any colors you may see in and around their body. Are there areas that seem cloudy or where the color or energy seems to change? Do you notice any forms or objects or sense a change in texture in areas of the auric field? Spend 5 minutes or so in this exercise, making sure to stay relaxed and free from any expectations. As you are examining the energy field of your partner, discuss any thoughts or perceptions you may have.

It is extremely important to remember at this point never to speak negatively or in absolutes about what you have perceived. Instead share your experience and let your partner assess what relevance it holds for them. ~We work in this way because each of us filter information differently though our own perspectives and it is natural and common for all of us to unconsciously project our own thoughts, beliefs or preconceived ideas onto others, which in turn may influence what we perceive. The purpose of this exercise is not to try and diagnose or judge someone else's issues, rather it is designed to help us understand how we can become more able to recognize and identify issues within ourselves, thus empowering us to release and heal all things that are not serving our highest good and returning us to wholeness and health on every level of our being. It can also assist us in developing compassion and non-judgment of others, understanding that we are all carrying wounds in need of healing. ~

*Note: As you begin this practice you will most likely only perceive the first or second layers of the auric-field. With persistent effort as you progress in your practice you may sensitize yourself to higher frequencies, enabling you to see or perceive higher bodies and distinguish between forms, layers and chakras within an energy system. Try not to be discouraged if you aren't experiencing what you think you should. This process takes time and because we are all unique, we each perceive and process information in different but equally valid ways. Learning how to recognize and understand your own unique perception is the most import part of the journey!

Healing Work Within the Subtle Bodies
As you become more adept at perceiving energies and forms beyond that which are visible to the naked eye, you may begin to notice areas within yourself that you intuitively feel are out of balance and in need of healing. Although it can require much study and learning to become adept at energy healing remember, you are a powerful person and you are absolutely able to help heal your own body of any unwanted energies, if that is your intention. Use the following statement (or something similar that resonates with your core belief system) to assist you in releasing and healing any areas that you feel are not in balance and in alignment with your highest self.

General Release Statement
"I invite and give permission to my Angels (alternate: God/dess, Source Energy, Guides, Divine Presence, etc.) and to myself in cooperation with them, to work across time and space with regard to my highest self to release from me whatever blocked or negative energy that is ready to be let go of and return to me the elements of my soul and spirit that are rightfully mine. Always within divine will, to serve my highest good and the highest good of all involved."
Through our very nature and energy we are all connected. As we consciously move toward healing ourselves, we imbue the world around us with healing and love.

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