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Plant Focus: Wormwood

Scientific name: Artemisia absinthium

Planetary correspondence
: Mars, Saturn

Corresponding element:

A gray-green perennial that grows to 3 feet. Wormwood has a bushy appearance with feathery leaves. The entire plant is covered in fine hairs

Parts used: Stems and leaves

Native to Europe, wormwood now grows wild in the eastern US and central Asia.

History & Folklore: In 19th century France, wormwood was used to flavor the popular drink “absinthe”. This drink is now banned as it can be toxic when taken in excess. Traditionally the use of wormwood is believed to summon spirits and allow communication with the dead.  It is also thought to promote psychic awareness while dreaming.

Medicinal uses
Wormwood is a digestive stimulant. By increasing bile production, it helps with the absorption of nutrients and can reverse anemia. It is also useful for gas and bloating.  It has anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor effects, and as its name implies, it can be beneficial in the elimination of parasites and worms. The essential oil may be used as an insect repellant.

*use only low doses internally as higher doses can be toxic

Magical & energetic uses:
Wormwood is an excellent herb to use when working to enhance your psychic abilities. It assists with opening the third eye and heightening all psychic and intuitive skills. This plant also possesses a strong protective energy. Use wormwood in amulets, incense, or as a smudge stick to banish anger, reverse negativity, heighten psychic awareness, and protect your home.

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