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Angels & Guides

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Have you talked with your Angels and Guides today? Are you aware of their presence?

Through my years of work in the holistic healing modalities, and thanks to my own support group of celestial beings, I have come to understand that we are never alone. In fact, we have an abundant support system just waiting to help us anytime we need... if only we would ask!

Of course, they do assist us all the time, although we may not be aware of it. But when we take the time to truly form a relationship with these beings, our worlds can change. They love us unconditionally! Nothing makes them happier than seeing us living up to our greatest potential in peace and happiness.  

Their job is not to make our decisions for us or tell us what to do.  In fact, it is important to remember that we are always at choice, as it should be.  But learning to tune in to the information our Angels and Guides are giving us enables us to make more informed and conscious decisions that are not fear based, but divinely guided.

In my experience each of us (yes, that means YOU) have Angels and Guides with us at all times. Often there are many, especially if we are experiencing something very difficult or we have important life choices and decisions that we need help navigating.  So, if you're ever feeling unsupported and alone in the world, let me assure you... you are not.

There are some basic differences between the beings we call Angels and those whom we refer to as Guides.

The word Angel means "Messenger of God." They are helpers and protectors and they love us all, regardless of our beliefs or life choices. And when we remember to ask for their help they joyfully and swiftly assist us in matters both big and small.

In my perception, our guides are beings who have lived on the earth. They may be deceased loved ones, people with whom we have shared other lifetimes, or beings who resonate with our particular gifts and life-path. Whatever the case, they are energetically connected to us and are here to share their love and support, as well as give us guidance to help us navigate through our lives.

The following are some simple but very effective exercises you may want to try when you're ready to meet your Angels and Guides. These can be done anytime, but I find them especially effective during the dark moon since this is an energetically introspective time in the
Moon Cycle (great for quieting your mind and activating that sixth Chakra!) you may choose to surround yourself with a representation of the five elements--Fire, water, earth, air and spirit--or better yet, if possible, just go outside! This will help you stay balanced and clear and be more open and receptive to the information you receive.

Step One:
Ground and Center

Find a quiet place where you feel safe and can be undisturbed. Sit or lie comfortably and close your eyes. Relax and inhale slowly, holding for a count of four then releasing with a soft exhale. Repeat this process several times then allow yourself to settle into a relaxed and steady breathing pattern. Become aware of your body and its rhythms. Notice any fear/tension/anxiety that you may be holding on to and lovingly release it with your out-breath. Visualize a beautiful violet-white light streaming down into your body from above your head. Feel it as it fills your entire being with love and radiance. Let it envelope you completely then consciously send it down through the soles of your feet and deep into the ground. Imagine this light connecting and anchoring you safely to the womb of our Mother Earth. Feel your body’s vibration aligning to the rhythmic pulse of our beautiful planet. Be in this space for a few moments then open your're ready to begin!

Step Two:
Invite and protect
(Casting a circle)

Stand in the northern most area of your room facing away from the center. Visualize a bright, radiant light beginning to flow through your crown chakra and streaming down through your hands. As you do this, walk slowly in a clockwise circle three times with your hand outstreched and intention a circle forming with this light. This circle can be 10, 20 or even 50 feet wide, you get to decide what it encompasses! As you imagine the circle forming, speak or think these words or something similar: "This circle surrounds, this circle protects. All those and only those who are hear in love and light, and for the highest good of all involved are invited in." If you have specific beings you would like to speak with or recieve assistance from (i.e.: Archangel Michael, Jesus, Buddha, Kuan Yin, etc.), take a moment to invite them in respectively. You are of infinite importance and these beings are happy to love and assist you!

When you are finished working within the circle, take it down by again standing in the northern most area of your space. Now moving counter-clockwise with outstreched arms, walk three times around the circle, imagining the stream of light being drawn back in to your body. Acknowledge and thank your celestial support group for coming!

* This is an important step. We must remember that not all sources of information are divinely guided. We are powerful beings and by stating who may and may not enter our space we ensure that our guidance is coming from whom we intend!

Practice One:
Writing in

This form of angelic communication works well for many people, especially if you enjoy writing! Have a pencil and notebook or journal ready and begin by asking a specific question such as "Who am I communicating with now?" or "How many Angels are here with me today?" And then move on to broader questions such as "What messages would you like to give me today?"

Try to clear your thoughts and just begin putting on paper anything that comes to mind. Don't think about or analyze what you are writing, simply let the words flow through you. At first you may find that what you write doesn't make sense, or you may feel that you're making the information up, and that's OK. The longer you stay with this practice the more you will find your answers become coherent and have meaning for you. Try spending a little time each day for a week with this practice (5-10 minutes is plenty) and see what comes. You may be surprised at how much more open and clear you become in just a short amount of time!

Practice Two:
Conscious Imagery

Each of us has certain senses that are heightened and more easily utilized than others. And although we can all learn to develop all of our "higher" senses, knowing which ones come naturally for us will help us realize the ways in which we most easily receive information. For example, are you primarily
clairsentient?--Do you understand people or things by feeling what they feel? Or are you more clairaudient?--Meaning you receive information through thoughts, you may hear what others are thinking or feeling. If you are a clairvoyant person you are very visual. You pick up on thought by seeing it in the form of symbols, colors or pictures in your mind’s eye. Conscious imagery works especially well for those who are clairvoyant. It teaches you to receive information through images you are experiencing while in an open meditative state.

Before beginning this exercise, make sure you have a pencil and notebook handy to record any information you receive. Begin your practice by asking to be shown the answer to a question, such as "Can you show me who is with me right now?" or "Can I see an image of my primary angels and guides?" Record any pictures that come to mind. These may or may not be actual images of beings but may be represented to you in the form of a color or a symbol as well. Again, be open to what you receive without judging it. When you form a clear connection, you should consistently see the same image for the same being. In other words, maybe your angels will show themselves to you as flashes of radiant white light, or as a symbol or a picture. Of course, they may also present themselves to you as male, female or androgynous beings. There is no right or wrong here. The purpose of this practice is to help you establish a consistent image, so that you will always be aware of when these beings are communicating with you. Once you've established an image, thank them and try moving on to life path questions such as "What would you like to communicate to me today?"

You don't need to spend hours on this exercise, consistency is the key. The more often you practice this technique the more adept you will become!

Becoming adept at these simple practices and using them regularly will give you a strong foundation on which to begin building a more personal relationship with your own Angels and guides. Learning to more fully connect with the guidance and assistance that these divine beings have to offer will be an invaluable tool as you grow and evolve along your own divine life-path.

*A note as you begin working with these techniques:
The biggest obstacle for most people to overcome while developing these skills is lack of trust in themselves. It is natural for us to doubt the authenticity of the messages we receive, sometimes simply because we are the ones receiving them.  According to my own guides, this is because we, as human beings, have forgotten our own divinity. We have learned to trust more in those we consider to be above us (more gifted, more spiritual, more worthy, etc.) and to question the validity of our experiences. For many, learning to overcome the idea of "I'm just making this up," is their biggest obstacle. And yet, the more we learn to trust our own guidance, the more our spiritual maturity and abilities grow.

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