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Clairvoyance--clear seeing
Beginning practice

There are numerous ways to increase your inner seeing. Any kind of visualization exercise will help to enhance your clairvoyant skills, as will meditation and lucid dreaming practices.  As with most skills, consistent practice is the key.

To prepare for this exercise, you will need a set of 20 note cards and 4 colored pencils or crayons in red, blue, yellow, and black. On the back of the first card, draw a red square. On the next card, a red circle, on the third card a red triangle, on the fourth card a red rectangle, and on the 5th card draw a red star. Now get 5 more cards and repeat the process but using the color blue. With the next five repeat using the color yellow. Draw the last 5 cards using the color black. When you are finished, thoroughly shuffle the cards.

Begin by doing the grounding and centering exercise found on the angels and guides page of this site. When you are centered, place the card deck face down in a pile in front of you. One by one, pick up the top card, and without looking at it, hold it up to your forehead in front of your third eye. The symbol on the card should be facing away from your head. Focus on seeing the card through your third eye then speak out loud the shape (don’t try to intuit the color quite yet) you believe the card to be. Look at the card and check for accuracy, then move on to the next card. Don’t be discouraged if you struggle at first, the more you learn to clear your mind and focus, the more accurate you’ll become. Once you feel that you’ve become fairly proficient at intuiting the shape (at least 7 out of 10 correct guesses), you can move on to intuiting both the correct shape and color of each card. It may take quite some time to reach this point so don’t be discouraged! You should limit your practice sessions to about 5 minutes each, scheduling at least 12 hours in between sessions. Like physical exercise, developing your intuitive muscles takes time. And if you overexert, you may impede your progress.

While actively working on improving your clairvoyance, remember to take note of any pictures, symbols, colors, etc. that you see in your mind’s eye throughout the day, as well as when dreaming. The more conscious and aware you become of your vision, the stronger it will become!

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