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Down the Faery Path

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The universe is alive and within it exists an infinite number of beings, both seen and unseen, with whom we share this beautiful planet. Becoming aware of the consciousness around us opens us up to a whole new world of magical possibilities!

The word Faery (or Fairy) has become a kind of catch all. To many, it seems a broad generalization for numerous beings that coexist with us, often just beyond the realm of our everyday senses. And yet, if we choose to look a little closer, listen a little more intently, and watch with a keener eye, we can find our perceptions expanding, introducing us to the worlds within our world. Faeries come in so many forms in fact, that I believe there are probably as many types of "Faeries" as there are plants, animals and people!

We know the stories of the Leprechauns and the garden Gnomes. Or maybe you've heard the legends of the Tuatha de Dannan of Ireland, or the Aluxes of Mexico. A person could spend years studying and learning about all the different tales. But the faeries I'd like to talk about here are what I've come to call the nature faeries.

The nature faeries are intently connected to the outdoor world, especially with plants and vegetation. They can be found down wild and weedy paths as well as in neatly manicured gardens. They are the guardians, protectors and spirits of the natural world, and as such are deeply concerned about the health and wellbeing of our planet. They are very eager to meet and work with humans who have a sincere desire to understand them and who truly care about our mother earth. My own experience with these magical beings has had a profound effect on the way I interact with nature and how I view the world.

Developing a relationship with the Faeries can help raise your consciousness to the world around you and enrich your life. If you work to establish a connection of mutual appreciation and trust, they can assist you with every aspect of your life. I often call upon them to watch over my home and garden. I call on them to send love and healing vital life force to my flowers, fruits and vegetables and they often accompany me as I move from room to room smudging with sage to clear negative energies out of my house. They are happy to lend their assistance when looking for lost items (especially pets), and for artistic inspiration. They can even help to clear blocks and create positive energy flow for financial abundance!

If you choose to try and meet them, do so with respect. Prepare to experience a new and magical view of the beautiful mysteries of life.

Hints on How to Meet the Faeries
We all experience things in different ways. Some of us will see, while others will hear, feel or smell. Be open to all of your senses and the faeries will come to you in the way that is most natural for you to experience. Practicing the orange dot exercise on the
subtle bodies page of this site can help you develop your third eye vision if it feels important for you to "see" these beings. Whenever possible, spend time outdoors, especially in areas with lots of vegetation. This is the natural habitat of the nature faeries and the easiest way to ensure they're around. Try using your third eye to see the faeries when the moon is full, and listening for messages through dreams or telepathy when the moon is dark.

It is traditional to leave an offering of fresh water or a small snack outside at certain auspicious times of the year such as the summer solstice. Of course you can choose to set out gifts at any time while attempting to get the attention of your local faeries. At my house, we sometimes leave a cookie or a slice of fruit in the flower garden, especially on a full moon. In some cultures in the not so distant past, it was common for families to leave offerings every night in order to find favor with the local faery folk!  

Intention is the key.
Talk to the faeries and let them know that you acknowledge and appreciate them, and that you have a sincere desire to help with their cause. Making even small changes such as switching to all natural cleaning products or becoming more conscious of your water usage can help the faeries feel your intent and trust your sincerity. Realize that sometimes, like anything worthwhile, these relationships take time. But with perseverance and an open heart, you'll likely begin to experience these beautiful beings around you, gifting you and teaching you to expand your sight!

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