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The Way of The Witch Newsletter | Animal Totem: The Crow

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Animal Totem: The Crow

Elemental association: Air

Planetary association: Mars

Angel associations: Archangel Cassiel

God/Goddess associations: Apollo, Bran, Morrigan, Badb, Macha, Athena, Rhea Kronia

Other associations: In times past the crow was considered a good omen, only recently has it been considered negative. In China the crow is associated with the faery queen His-Wang-Mu.  In Native American legend, the crow is considered the wisest of all birds and the keeper of sacred law, able to lead the seeker to the gates of the supernatural.

Keywords: Protection, enchantment, wisdom, conflict, death, sacred knowledge, psychic awakening, boldness, trickery, deception, skill, eloquence, shape shifting, swiftness, supernatural, introspection

Meanings:  You are energetically supported by the animal kingdom; Hidden/sacred information may be coming to you; Define and protect your boundaries; Work on enhancing your psychic/intuitive abilities; Someone who has passed would like to communicate with you; You are protected; live ethically and fearlessly; Practice Divination;

Message from the crow:
“Embrace the shadows that you fear, for within them is contained your power. The parts of yourself that you hide are the parts that can make you whole, seek to understand them and transform them into their highest aspects.
You are a guided and protected being.  Acknowledge your gifts and move forward with grace and courage.”

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