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The Way of The Witch Newsletter | Animal Totem: The snake

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Animal Totem: The Snake

Elemental associations: Water/Earth

Planetary associations:
Moon, Saturn

God/Goddess associations:
Quetzalcoatl, Shiva, Aesclepius, Coatlicue, Eobshin, The Great Goddess

Other associations:
Amethyst, thistle, violet, sexuality, femininity, healing

Wisdom, transformation, life force, awareness, sensitivity, intuition

The snake represents wisdom as well as the source of life. When the snake appears as an animal totem, it can herald physical, energetic, and emotional healing. It also brings with it an emphasis on important life changes and growth.

Message from the snake:
“Wait patiently, my friends, and trust your knowing. Transformation is inevitable, but you must be willing to shed what no longer serves you, and embrace the possibilities of now. The answers to your questions lay tangled deep within, waiting to be uncoiled.  In time, your truths will be revealed. You need only stay grounded and aware as you let your senses guide you through detachment of what was to embody what can be!"

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