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The Way of The Witch Newsletter | Plant Focus: California Poppy

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Plant Focus: California Poppy

Scientific name: Eschscholzia californica

Planetary correspondence:

Corresponding element:

This is an annual or perennial that grows to 2 feet. It has finely cut green leaves and orange, yellow, pink, or red flowers that attract both bees and songbirds.

Parts used:
Arial parts

The California Poppy is native to western North America and is widley cultivated as a garden plant. It prefers sandy soils.

Medicinal uses:
California Poppy’s antispasmodic, sedative, and analgesic effects make it a valuable herbal medicine.  It is used to treat physical and psychological problems in children, as well as pain,  insomnia, nervous tension, anxiety and restless leg syndrome.

History & Folklore:
Some Native American peoples were known to use the sap of the California Poppy as a pain reliever and more specifically for toothaches.

Magical & energetic uses:
Use the flower, seeds, or essential oil of poppy to help encourage prophetic dreams and enhance inuition. Place a drop of the essential oil on your third eye to promote clear vision while dowsing and keep a vase of fresh poppies in the bedroom to enhance relaxation and sleep.  

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