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Invoking Artemis

I called upon Artemis on a beautiful, overcast Saturday afternoon in May.  Her energy swept in quickly and forcefully in the form of a powerful two minute windstorm that literally blew my tray of newly planted seedlings right off the front porch.  In hind sight, I should have secured the flowers before calling in a powerful Greek goddess to have a chat! The flowers survived though, landing neatly upside down in my garden bed just off the porch. The whole thing served as a reminder--there are awesome energies all around us just waiting to blow through and take us by surprise, simply because we ask them to.

The energy of Artemis quickly reminded me that we have the power of the natural world at our fingertips.  I could feel her smiling as I scooped up my flowers and apologized to them for the mishap, then she filled me with visions of plants and faeries and the ever-present forces of nature. I was overcome with awe and respect for the energy she brings that is so strong and yet powerfully calming and introspective.  She has a way of blowing the third eye wide open then gently clearing out debris so that everything comes neatly into perspective.

Artemis is the goddess of the hunt. Like her Roman counterpart Diana, she is often depicted holding her bow and arrow while gazing into the distance with an ever-watchful eye. She is a protectress, especially of women and young girls, making her an excellent ally for women both young and old who are trying to connect with and access their power.  She is deeply connected to the energy of the moon, sharing her emotional depth and insight with anyone ready to embrace the feminine divine aspect of themselves. Artemis is also associated with the faerie realm. She is a natural ally for those wishing to work closely with nature and the elementals.  

Call upon Artemis when you need assistance finding your strength and she will sweep in and remind you how strong you really are. She will readily guide you when you are in need of clarity or are having trouble assessing a situation, and her strong and balanced presence invokes an energy of safety and peace with clarity of purpose. She reminds us all, but especially those males and females ready to connect with their feminine strength, that “You are strong, powerful beings with infinite depths of wisdom lying dormant. And like the huntress you must wait, quietly, patiently, till at long last and in perfect time, the fullness of your power will be revealed. You are the deer, you are the arrow. You are the hunter and the prey. You are the earth and the sky, the goddess and the god.  You are all, and you are limitless.”

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