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The Way of The Witch Newsletter| Channeling session March 2106

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Channeling session-March 2016

“Many of you are struggling to find clarity regarding the direction you feel your lives should take. It may seem that you have reached an impasse, and that your progression has slowed or stalled. If you are undergoing difficulties, remember: It is only your fears and expectations that lead you away from truth.  
Ultimate peace, clarity, and power are reclaimed when you surrender once again and embrace the trust you knew at the moment you emerged into this incarnation. Trust in oneself, trust in the universe, and trust in the wisdom of divine timing. Trust in your ability to manifest exactly what your soul needs at the precise moment it is needed.
The desire to control is human nature, but true mastery of your life and power lies in the ability to surrender to the wisdom of all-that-is. This does not mean that you stop making choices or actively working to create your desires, but rather that you practice mindfulness in both your actions and inactions.  As an embodiment of divine, you have within you the power to bring forth all that you desire.  Do this consciously by choosing to align with the universe, your guides, and your highest self, then you must trust in the journey that unfolds.
Head the signs along the way. Let them serve as guideposts on your path. And most importantly, embrace the space of not-knowing. As you gain the ability to let go of what you believe to be, you open to the truth of what is.”

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