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Color Breathing Exercise for the Chakras and Aura

To begin, stand with your feet hip-width apart and your arms down by your side. Inhale and hold your breath to a count of five. As you do this, focus on tightening the muscles in your body. Squeeze your hands to make a fist and contract your chest inward. Flex your legs and thighs and tighten your face muscles. The goal is to create tension throughout your entire body. Next, exhale to a count of five, and as you release your breath, relax your body. Let go of the tension that you’ve created and feel the energy flow through you as your muscles relax. Do three or four repetitions of this exercise, until you can really feel the energy flowing. After the last repetition, remain in a relaxed state.

Now, imagine the color of your choice appearing vibrantly bright and alive, swirling up from the ground beneath your feet. Inhale deeply, and consciously bring the color up through your body till it reaches above your head. Feel its energy penetrating through you as you envision it enveloping your body and energy field, filling every crevice. As you exhale, see the color surround you like a cocoon. Focus on accepting and integrating the color into your energy field. Pay attention to how this particular color makes you feel so that you can become intimate with and easily recognize its energy.

Try this exercise daily for a week, breathing in a different color each day. This creates the opportunity to become cognizant of the feeling and vibration of different colors throughout the spectrum, and how they manifest in your personality when they are present. Alternately, use this exercise to energize your chakras by breathing in each chakra color in a single session. This is a great way to add vitality and balance to both your physical and energetic body!

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