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Energy healing 101

Identifying energetic disturbances and cutting cords

We’ve all experienced those days-the days when we feel like we’re just not ourselves. And it may seem like no matter how hard we try, we just can’t shake that feeling of being “off.”  This can be a temporary situation that will resolve on its own. But occasionally we may find that this feeling persists, sometimes for weeks or even longer, until we feel that we are not the person that we used to be or that life has become a struggle.

Of course there can be many very valid reasons for this on a physical level. Imbalances within the body are common and can certainly wreak havoc on our emotional and physical well-being.  But in energetic medicine we realize that before a symptom manifests in our physical body, it first appears as a disturbance in our energetic body. Working with this knowledge it is easy to understand the importance of identifying issues within our subtle bodies and clearing them before they appear as an imbalance or illness to us physically.

There are many energetic disturbances that can be identified within the human energy field, but for the purpose of beginning practice I will focus on some of the most common in my experience. The descriptions presented here are based on my personal perception of each disturbance.

Trauma Field-This can occur when a person has experienced something physically or emotionally painful or upsetting.  This generally appears as a dark grey or “cloudy” area in the aura, often at the site of an injury. If it is due to an emotional trauma it may also be near the head or heart.
*It is important to note that these fields are not always noticeable or present at an injury site. It may depend on the individual and how they are able to respond and heal energetically in a given situation.

Tubes or Cords-
These are connected from a person to someone or something else and generally look just like their names. It is quite common for a person to have cord attachments to others they are in close relationship with; however this is often not healthy. Cords may be seen in co-dependent relationships, abusive relationships, or unhealthy relationships where one person’s desires, needs, or energy dominates or takes from the other. *Healthy cords do occur, especially between mothers and children or within close loving relationships. These will appear bright and vibrant as opposed to an unhealthy cord which will appear dull, dark, or sometimes frayed.

Leaks, Tears, or Holes- These occur within the auric field and appear just as they would physically.  A leak can be identified by energy appearing to spew out of a specific area. This may also be seen near injury sites within the aura.

Attachments i.e. entities/worms/gloms/disincarnate beings-I refer to a number of different energetic disturbances as attachments. These appear in various forms in the energy field. Energetically, they work in the same way that parasites work on the physical body.
Regardless of which of these specific disturbances are found, they all have the same effect to a greater or lesser degree; they drain or leech energy from their hosts. When allowed to remain long-term, they can cause various physical ailments in the body. Transversely, when these disturbances are cleared, it can facilitate the healing of physical issues.

You can use the following exercise to practice feeling disturbances within your energy field. This is a great first step in learning to become more conscious and aware of your aura.  If you are interested in learning to enhance your visual perception as well, begin with a daily practice of the orange dot exercise found on the subtle bodies page of The Way of The witch site.

Exercise – Feeling energetic disturbances within your aura

Find a quiet space where you will be undisturbed. Sit or lie in a comfortable position and make sure there are no electronic devices within 10 feet of your surrounding area. Remove any jewelry that may contain crystals or stones as these carry their own energetic resonance and can be confused with energy variations within the aura.

Begin by taking several deep breaths and releasing them slowly. Relax your body starting with your head, neck, and shoulders, then move down through your arms, torso, legs, and feet. As you relax, envision all the stress and tension in your body releasing. Feel it flowing downward through your system and finally exiting through your feet to be transformed to light by mother earth. Once again, take several deep breaths to ground your energy.

Place your dominant hand (the hand you use most often) palm down about two inches over your 6th chakra, located just above the brow line near the center of your forehead. Slowly rotate your hand counter clockwise for 4 to 5 rotations then bring your hand down to your side and shake off the energy. Replace your hand to the same position but this time rotate your hand clockwise for 4 or 5 rotations over your chakra.  This will help clear and open the 3rd eye and enable you to more clearly intuit your energy field.

Place your dominant hand palm down a few inches above your body. Beginning at the base of either leg, slowly move your hand up through the energy field, making sure to check your hands and arms as well as the area around all of your vital organs. When you reach your head, move back down the other side of your body. As you scan your energy field, make note of areas that feel different from the rest. You may notice warm or cold spots, or tingling sensations in certain places.

After finishing your body scan, use the following release statement to help address any disturbances that were perceived.
*It is important to note that healing does not necessarily need to involve the positive identification of specific disturbances. It is believed that spontaneous healing occurs when a person’s vibrational level is elevated, often from simply recognizing and acknowledging the imbalance within the system. As consciousness is raised, lower vibrational energy can be cleared and the body’s energy system spontaneously healed.  

Release Statement

“I invite here and give permission to my Angels (and/or: God/dess, Source Energy, Guides, Divine Presence, etc.) and to myself in cooperation with them, to work across time and space with regard to my highest self to release from me any and all blocked or negative energy that I am ready to  let go of, and return to me the elements of my soul and spirit that are rightfully mine. Always within divine will, to serve my highest good and the highest good of all involved.”

Practicing and using this technique consistently will enhance and heighten your energetic perception, while also helping to minimize illness and dysfunction in your physical body. Through conscious healing techniques we can all learn to return to our natural state of complete balance, health, and wellbeing.


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