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Animal Communication
Beginning Practice

Animal communication is an incredible tool that can help us not only peacefully coexist, but gain knowledge, insight and wisdom from the animal kingdom. This practice is designed to develop and enhance the ability to communicate with animals, both inside and outside the home.

If you have animals that live in your home, begin your practice by including them in a circle casting. If the animal cannot be physically present, invite their higher-self or soul along with any other angels, guides, etc. that you invoke.

Once you have created a safe and sacred space, hold the palm of your dominant hand 2 to 3 inches above your 4th (heart) chakra and move your hand in a counterclockwise direction for 3 to 4 rotations. When you are finished, shake your hands off to the side to dispel any energetic blocks that you may have dislodged, then replace your palm over your chakra and spin clockwise for 6 to 8 rotations. This practice will assist in clearing and opening your heart chakra so that you can more easily connect to the soul of your animal friend.

If the animal is present, place your hand over their 4th chakra (located in the center of the chest near the heart, as with people) and spin the chakra both counterclockwise then clockwise as you did for yourself. Next, envision a beautiful white-light emanating from your heart to theirs. See the energy grow stronger and create a beautiful silver-white stream that flows effortlessly between the two of you. Once you feel the flow of energy is firmly established, focus your mind and telepathically ask them what it is that they would most like to communicate to you. Allow yourself time to receive any information without judgement then write it down, even if it seems irrelevant or unexpected. With practice you'll find your impressions become clearer and information will flow with ease. In time, the ability to spontaneously communicate without formal circle work will naturally develop.

As you end your communication session, be sure to send love and gratitude to your animal friend and all of the animal kingdom for gifting you with their spirit!

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