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The Way of The Witch | Past Life Regression Therapy

Regression therapy as a healing tool

Hypnosis by a skilled professional brings the client to a state that holds great potential for healing by granting purposeful access to the subconscious mind.
Dr. Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, is credited with the discovery that bringing initial trauma to consciousness, cathartically releasing it (in a process called an abreaction), and integrating what has been felt and learned, is a powerful and effective tool for healing. This approach can be effective when regressing a person to events that happen earlier in the present life. However, as renown psychiatrist and my teacher Dr. Brian Weiss discovered, a trauma may originate much further back in a person’s timeline, initially occurring in a past life and often repeating itself through multiple lives. Through the process of past life regression therapy, we seek to access those experiences that have imprinted in the psyche over lifetimes in order to acknowledge, release and heal any negative impacts that they have had on our physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

During a regression therapy session, you will be gently guided to a state of light hypnosis and directed to a time or event that is pertinent to cycles, issues, fears, etc. that are present in your current life. The lifetime may be experienced in the third person, as if you are watching a movie, or in the first person, as if you are reliving the same events. Either way, you can easily exit the scene or lifetime should you choose. When the regression ends, insights and discoveries will be processed, and possible connections will be examined with regards to your current life. This process is a comfortable and generally relaxing experience for the client.

Some people will want to experience a past life regression simply out of curiosity. This is fine and can be an interesting and rewarding experience! However, as with other therapeutic modalities, if you are seeking regression as a means of treatment and/or healing, multiple sessions are generally suggested in order to obtain maximum benefits.

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