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Embracing Your Truth

What is your truth? At your deepest core level, what do you believe? Sometimes the answer to this question is more difficult than it may seem.

From the time we are born, we are given certain rules and information about how the world works, how to have our needs met, and who we are. Naturally, in the beginning, most of our day-to-day lives consist of watching, analyzing, and learning to process the world around us. We take cues from what we see and hear and what we are told. With the help of those closest to us, we are taught to put the information we gather into logical order. We may not realize, however, that through this process we are given certain truths that are not necessarily our own, but instead part of a greater collective belief system that has been evolving for millennia.

All of this is of course, okay. It is the natural order of things. But as we mature, many of us become driven to find that spark of something that speaks deeply only to us. We want something that goes beyond our basic perceptions of life and why we are here. We feel drawn toward concepts that give us a glimpse at the vastness of our possibilities, the true nature of our beings, and a deeper and more spectacular view of our world.

When we free our minds from what it is we think we know and allow ourselves to embrace the gift of not knowing, we invite a higher wisdom to engulf us. We become open to a knowledge that goes beyond what we’ve been taught and transforms into what we know. We lose the need to be validated by others or to consistently look outside of ourselves for the truth in our lives.  We can read or hear an idea that we have never consciously considered as possible and yet, it will resonate with us deep in our core. We become self-sustaining in the knowledge that we are part of all that is, and there is no question to which the vastness of our being does not already contain the answer.

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to fully embrace our truth and be secure in the knowledge that as our minds continue to expand to greater possibilities, our truth will also necessarily evolve and expand. Through practice we can learn to access the many gifts and guides we have been given to steer us toward our ultimate reality. Our potential is limitless, and our lives are catalysts to our own evolution. It is the beauty and magnificence of who we are!

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