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Crystal Healing

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A gift from our mother earth, crystals have a multitude of uses in the healing arts. Improving clarity, healing wounds, removing stagnant energy, and protecting our energy fields from unwanted influences are only a few. In chakra work, they are a valuable tool in helping to create healthy function.

Each crystal has its own specific energy and healing purpose(s) associated with it. While it is important to know the basic qualities that different crystals possess, learning to engage with an individual crystals specific energy is paramount. It is by interacting with and intuiting a crystal’s energy that we can find the stones best suited to assist us in any particular circumstance. Chosen in this way, they can be powerful tools for use in balancing and healing.

You can refer to the chakra chart in the chakra system section of this site for a list of crystals that correspond with each energy center.

The following is a simple method for utilizing crystals in chakra balancing and energy healing work:

Exercise - Chakra Balancing With Crystals*

Ground and center yourself and lie down comfortably on your back. Using crystals you have chosen from the corresponding crystals list above or crystals you have chosen intuitively, place each stone directly on your body in the area of each chakra center, starting with the root chakra and moving up to the crown. Relax your body and breathe slowly and deeply while consciously allowing the energy of the crystals to interact with your own. Focus on feeling the shift in your energy enters as the stones help them to energize and align one with another. Hold yourself in this position for as long as you feel the energy of the crystals pulsing through you. When the feeling begins to subside, or you intuitively feel you are finished, your body and the crystals are signaling that you have absorbed what you are able for now and it is time for the session to end. Silently (or audibly) thank the crystals for their gift and remove them from your body. Slowly come back into a sitting position and be still for a few moments while your system integrates this amplified life force flow. This is also a good time to drink some purified water to help assist in moving any impurities that may have been dislodged from your system out of your body.  

Alternately for this exercise:
You may choose to use only one crystal to balance and energize your chakras. Simply employ the same method as above by moving the crystal up each individual chakra, allowing time for each energy center to clear, energize and balance with the previous before moving on to the next.

*Note - It is important to be aware of the effect that the crystals are having on your energy field. Occasionally you may find that you are having an adverse reaction to a stone that you have chosen to use. This may occur for several reasons but usually indicates that the energies of your body are not in congruency with that of the stone. If discomfort occurs, simply replace the crystal with another more suited to your energetic needs and continue with your practice.

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