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Spotlight on Amethyst

The beautiful crystal Amethyst is an invaluable tool when working on developing the third eye and fine tuning your intuition.  This easily accessible stone can be worn close to the body to promote clarity and insight as well as provide a calming energy, especially when you are feeling scattered or in need of guidance. Place larger pieces of amethyst in meditation areas to enhance the energy of the room and promote development of higher sight and psychic abilities.

While the energy of some crystals may be overpowering to certain sensitive individuals, amethyst can generally be used by all to gently and effectively open the chakras and facilitate a healthy energetic system, thereby clearing the way for intuitive development.  To further access the power of this amazing crystal, infuse your drinking water with its energy by dropping a clean amethyst stone in a gallon of purified water. Let it sit for a day or two before removing the crystal and drinking the water.
*It’s best to keep this water in the refrigerator so that it doesn’t grow bacteria from any residual debris that may have been present on the crystal or in the container.

Amethyst is an ideal energetic companion. Keep it close and it will act as a gateway to your deeper knowledge and your highest self.

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