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Chakra Tea
herbal blend

Nourish your chakras with this uplifting tea. Each ingredient in this delicious blend was mindfully chosen to support and enhance chakra function. Our Chakra Tea includes herbs specific to each individual energy center that also work synergistically to nurture the system as a whole.

Each tin includes a crystal that can be used to geo-energetically infuse the blend and further enhance the health of the chakra system. We include a different crystal each month, along with a short description of its energetic uses and qualities.

-8 oz tin contains approximately 2.2 ounces of dry loose-leaf tea, which is about 16 servings.
*Caffein free

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Suggested use:
Steep one tablespoon of tea along with the crystal in 8 ounces of hot water for 10 minutes.
Strain the tea and remove the crystal before consuming.
*Lemon and honey or other sweeteners may be added if desired,
however refined sugars and artificial sweeteners
may interfere with proper chakra function.
What's in this formula? Take a look at our
All Natural Ingredients to learn more about their benefits!
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